Why a Traditional Loan May Not Be Right For You

When it comes to receiving money, you may typically think of a traditional loan. Traditional loans are fine and do have some benefits, but it may not be right for you.

The fact of the matter is not all loans are created equal and there are some loans that are better for certain people than others.

You just need to know what a traditional personal loan may not be the best option and why a payday loan may be better for you.


Less Than Desirable Credit

Is your credit score less than desirable? If so, you are going to discover that a traditional loan probably is not the money lending opportunity you need.

In fact, most financial institutions and even the list of licensed money lenders in singapore are not going to give you money at all if you don’t have a quality, if not stellar credit score. That is why you need to look towards a different option, like a payday loan.

Not The Amount You Want

Even if you are approved for a regular loan, you may not be approved for the amount of money you actually want or need.

That is right, just because you are approved for a loan does not mean you’ll actually receive the amount you need. With a payday loan, you’ll get the amount of money you need.

Things to Consider When Looking at a Payday Loan

When it comes to applying for a personal loan such as a payday loan, you need to keep a few things in mind.

These will help you determine whether or not the payday loan is the right form of money lending for you. So, before you begin any kind of application process, consider these small aspects of the lending process.

How Quick Do You Need the Money?

First off, how quick do you need the money? If you need it as soon as possible, an instant cash loan in singapore is for you. Why? Because you often can receive the money the same day you apply for it. Few other loans can say that.

What is Your Credit Score?

Do you have a less than stellar credit score?

Perhaps you have bad credit or no credit at all. When you have these forms of credit (or no credit) a payday loan is the way to go. With these kinds of loans you will be able to apply for your money without a credit check, which is excellent news as other financial locations will likely turn you down.

Doesn’t Affect Credit Score

No matter what your credit score is, one of the great aspects to a payday loan is the fact that it will not harm your credit score at all.


Moneylending has been going on in one form or another since the beginning of time.

In ancient Rome for example, ‘banking’ was carried out by private individuals who would also conduct nearly all money lending.



Today, money lending often takes the shape of personal loans. These loans are taken out for a number of reasons.

Some people have poor credit and cannot get a loan from a bank; others just need a short-term loan and don’t want to take the time and trouble to go through a bank.

Others want to a business loan and want to keep the transaction confidential.

Most people can obtain an unsecured loan on line in just a few minutes.

Unsecured personal loans,

business loans, and payday loans are available nationwide; with lenders offering a variety of specialized programs.

Some services loan money directly, and others route your loan request to the lenders that can best accommodate your needs.

A personal loan or payday loan is unsecured. No collateral is needed for obtaining this type of loan. Your signature secures the loan.

Best personal loan singapore have a fixed interest rate and specific terms for  repayment. You receive a sum of money and repay your loan with regular monthly payments (plus interest).


Why You Should Consider a Payday Loan

With so many different kinds of loans out there, why should you consider a payday loan? After all, the variation of personal loan options out there is extensive, so what makes a payday loan that much better than other options?

Realistically it comes down to exactly what you need, but when you look at the available perks you receive from a payday loan, you’ll realize out of all the different money lending options on the market today, few moneylender singapore can provide you with the same kinds of benefits.

No Credit Check

One of the problems with applying for a traditional loan is the credit check. If you have no credit, poor credit or even marginal credit, most banks are going to turn you down. Thankfully, with a payday loan, you’ll never provide your Social Security number, which means the personal loan doesn’t perform any kind of credit check.


It can take a while for a bank or other financial institution to approve you. Even if you are to receive the money it can take several days from the start of the loan application process to receive your cash. With a payday loan, you often can receive the cash in hand that same day. so when you need your money fast and don’t have time to wait around, look towards a payday loan.


Do You Need Money Fast? A Payday Loan Might Be Your Best Option

When you need money quickly there usually is a good reason behind it. However, when you apply for a regular loan, banks often ask what you intend on doing with the loan. Now, they typically are not going to look in after you use the money to ensure what they used it on, but realistically they have no right to ask you what you are going to spend your cash on. It is your money, and if you are approved you should do with it as you want, wish or need. Beyond this though, applying for a regular loan often isn’t that speedy. It can take several days, and this is if you have all the documentation on hand, ready to go, when you go in to apply for the loan. If you don’t, you won’t receive the money. That is exactly why you need to go for a payday loan instead.


So what exactly can a payday loan do that another personal loan is not able to do? With the help of money lending services, it is possible to receive your cash on the exact same day you apply for it. This makes it that much easier for you to cash in and to have the money on hand when you actually need it.