Moneylending has been going on in one form or another since the beginning of time.

In ancient Rome for example, ‘banking’ was carried out by private individuals who would also conduct nearly all money lending.



Today, money lending often takes the shape of personal loans. These loans are taken out for a number of reasons.

Some people have poor credit and cannot get a loan from a bank; others just need a short-term loan and don’t want to take the time and trouble to go through a bank.

Others want to a business loan and want to keep the transaction confidential.

Most people can obtain an unsecured loan on line in just a few minutes.

Unsecured personal loans,

business loans, and payday loans are available nationwide; with lenders offering a variety of specialized programs.

Some services loan money directly, and others route your loan request to the lenders that can best accommodate your needs.

A personal loan or payday loan is unsecured. No collateral is needed for obtaining this type of loan. Your signature secures the loan.

Best personal loan singapore have a fixed interest rate and specific terms for  repayment. You receive a sum of money and repay your loan with regular monthly payments (plus interest).